Rethink Recycling

Donate and receive unwanted items within your neighborhood and keep useful products out of landfills.

Mobile Support

Access Local Reuse from your favorite mobile devices. Help save the world while you're on the go!

Developer API

Work with our rich Application Programming Interface to build your own tool to help everyone reuse locally.

Local Reuse Rethink Recycling

What exactly is Local Reuse?
  • Local Reuse helps people keep reusable items from the landfill by allowing them to reuse unwanted items from their community. We help you to Rethink Recycling!
When will it be ready?
  • Excellent question! We've been working on Local Reuse for quite a while now. The good news is that we think we're almost ready to share!
What can I do to help?
  • Local Reuse exists because people like you told us what they wanted. If you are looking to do more than that, we can think of plently of ways for you to help!

Our Team

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    Peter Schmalfeldt

    Founder  -  Main Dude

    I am based in Portland, Oregon and specialize in Linux Administration, PHP & MySQL.

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    John Kramlich

    Founder  -  The Architect

    I am an expert with the LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP ).

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    Andy Whitesides

    Idea Man

    I have a natural gift for probem solving that apparently is pretty sought after.

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    Tim Hayden

    Business Guru

    All around good guy and excellent with busines strategies ( also major sports nut ).

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    Bryan McCarty


    I am a Copywriter... when I'm not running marathons or toying with digital platforms!

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    Media Temple

    Best Hosting Company

    Hookin' Local Reuse up with an Extreme (dv) Server which you are using... right now!

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Our Goal

Our goal is to provide communities with a free venue where users may donate and receive unwanted items within their neighborhoods and ultimately keep useful items out of landfills.